4 Must haves for Effective Email Recovery

Losing valuable information can be devastating to both businesses and individuals, which is why organizations all across the globe seek various ways of storing their volumes of data.  In effect, emails have become an integral part of data storage and information technology. 

However, losing valuable emails is sometimes unavoidable. Luckily, rapid evolution in technology has made it such that there are ways these lost emails are retrieved. In this article, we examine some of the most important tools to ensure efficient email recovery.
4 Important Tools to Ensure Effective Email Recovery

It is not uncommon to mistakenly delete valuable emails, especially when seeking to effect proper email management or clear up space. Without the right support, recovering these emails can be tedious. Here, we explore a few tips on what is needed to effectively retrieve those lost bits of info.

1. Employ the Use of an In-house Backup Server

Handling and storing confidential and sensitive emails can be tasking. However, losing them completely can have a devastating effect. Hence, having absolute control over data of this variation is paramount. 

Employing the services of an in-house backup server gives you total access over your emails in the event of an interruption that could lead to a total loss. A typical backup server is represented by a hardware equipped with significant storage spaces for data, files or applications of the sort.

it aids in the backup of emails through enabled configuration with the operating system of the host. In some cases, its backup schedule is connected with a client utility application which highlights its suitability as one of the key tools every startup should utilize.

The advantage of using this email recovery strategy is that in-house backup servers give unrestricted control over confidential data. As such, the security of the emails backed up is guaranteed. They also have the added advantage of aiding faster recovery as well as easing workload constraints.

2. Cloud-Service Backup

Sometimes, meeting up with the investment demands of using hardware storage devices can be quite difficult. Using cloud-service backups give users the advantage of easily storing data and backing them up.

Adding up your emails to cloud servers help you to effectively secure your data and still have access to them when needed.  This is admittedly one of the most effective email management strategies as many of these back-up servers are equipped with unique archiving and data protection system that ensures that your data is properly protected and still easily accessible when recovery is needed. 

3. Software Recovery Programs 

Sometimes, the recovery of deleted or inaccessible emails can be more difficult especially when the locations cannot be determined. Running an email recovery software offers you professional help in recovering and restoring different versions of files lost.

Most email recovery software programs are developed to aid email and data recovery in Outlook. As such, they are equipped to recover deleted or damaged PST or OST files. Their suitability as data recovery software programs is due to their advanced scanning and decryption services. 

With these features, using software recovery programs allows users to recover corrupted emails and other data items like contacts and notes in track time. They have the added advantage of being able to convert Outlook files to different file formats while creating a complete report of the recovery process.

4. Email Archiving Products

Though backups do a lot in ensuring data copies are retained for situations where the original email or data is lost or damaged, archives do a greater deal in ensuring emails are saved long-term. 

As a result, archiving gives companies the added advantage of maintaining records and policies. Statistics show that 61% of companies are already extending their resources to email archiving solutions. 

Using email archiving solutions helps companies through message journaling which aids the retention of message information for reference purposes and ultimately recovery purposes. 

In effect, Microsoft Exchange server offers advanced services in helping you to protect and recover your database whenever the need arises. 

Is Email Recovery Really Possible?

Experts and businesses can confirm the importance of keeping their data and emails well maintained. Losing valuable customer or company information can be detrimental to the reputation and integrity of the company. 

Hence, the importance of email recovery has been highlighted across enterprises of different sizes. Luckily, constant evolution in technology has not worked in revolutionizing the business landscape but enable recovery of lost data through various digital tools. 

Today, there are various tools available for the effective recovery of deleted emails. Technology has made the availability of various backup systems for the protection of valuable information possible. 

Nowadays, with the use of in-house backup servers and cloud computing systems, the integrity of data stored remains un-compromised and kept for effective and easier recovery. Also with an archive system in place, emails are retained for a longer time. 

It is, however, important to note that email recovery in Outlook is majorly possible with PST and OST files which why it is paramount to export mailbox to PST when the need arises.