How to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Free Method to Export Thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook PST

Professional are switching to do hassle-free execution with Outlook, as Outlook is being the best email client-server and offers new add-ons and features to make Outlook interface comfier. There are many benefits in switching from older email client-server to Outlook, for instance, utmost professionals are switching from Thunderbird to Outlook. Perhaps, you’re also planning to convert from Thunderbird to Outlook, if I’m right by your side. This articulation will change your working experience by making you known of the best tactics to convert Thunderbird to Outlook.

There are multiple ways to export Thunderbird to Outlook: following manual steps and using third party solution like Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter.

Reasons to Export Thunderbird to Outlook?

Both, Thunderbird and Outlook email-client servers are the most valuable email customers. But for business purposes, Outlook is generally favored by little or huge entities clients because of its propelled highlights and simple to-utilize interface. Every association utilizes a desktop email customer to satisfy their messaging needs, which suits them for the board and remaining under the spending plan. But step by step, association necessities thoroughly change when they locate some new stages.

Thunderbird email client-server is a free-cost service, usually utilized through home clients. However, Outlook is paid service and first preference of professional users and experts.

Prime features of Outlook which Thunderbird don’t exist

There are some prime features of Microsoft Outlook, which Thunderbird don’t exist

  • Microsoft supports PST (Personal Storage Table) format; while Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX format
  • Microsoft Outlook is more secured email client-server than Mozilla Thunderbird security
  • Microsoft Outlook allows the user to schedule their mailing time by an option; however, Thunderbird doesn’t have an option like this
  • Microsoft Outlook supports Exchange server, which is pretty beneficial for users at a time of conversion or data collection; though Thunderbird don’t support Exchange server
  • Advanced Filter option is available in Microsoft Outlook with spam filtering which Thunderbird doesn’t exist
  • Microsoft Outlook enables the option to Android & Windows mobile users to utilize their services; Thunderbird doesn’t
  • Tasks and Calendar option are available with Microsoft Outlook services; cannot get in Thunderbird

Manual method to export Thunderbird to Outlook

In this segment, I’ll tell you the best way to export Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook. We have three techniques to export Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook PST and we will move individually.

Three methods to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 

1.    Convert Thunderbird to Outlook using IMAP

2.    Export Thunderbird to Outlook through utilizing Drag-and-Drop option

3.    Convert Thunderbird to Outlook using Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook using IMAP

Sign-in your Gmail profile to Thunderbird by utilizing IMAP. In case, that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to configure it, at that point pursue these means:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail profile
  2. Do select on the setting option
  3. Click Forwarding POP/IMAP
  4. Enable IMAP server

Presently, open Thunderbird Account settings, and under that make another account option, click on the email. Snap-on “avoid this and arrange with existing email.”

  1. The Mail Account Setup window seems to fill every legitimate detail
  2. Click on proceed button
  3. A new spring up opens in a similar window; empower IMAP server and click “Done”
  4. Your Account has been configured with Gmail to Thunderbird

Presently, make an organizer in the Gmail profile and move your information from Thunderbird to Gmail after bringing everything of your information from Thunderbird.

Do check your Gmail account and affirm whether all information was sent out or not.

At the point when all information is exported out, configure MS Outlook to Gmail with IMAP server.

What’s more, download all information from Gmail profile.

Note: this procedure is simple yet not dependable to export all information in the same layout and hierarchy.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook through Drag-and-Drop option

In this strategy, first, we will trade Thunderbird information in EML layout file at that point import into Microsoft Outlook.

We will begin with exporting Thunderbird information in EML group.

  1. Create a new organizer on the desktop (give an appropriate name to the organizer)
  2. Open the Thunderbird emails that you need to migrate into Outlook
  3. Now use drag-and-drop option to export entire emails or chose emails from Thunderbird to a new organizer

Import EML Files into Outlook

  1. After exporting information to a new organizer, Start MS Outlook
  2. Now use drag-and-drop option to move all items into the Outlook
  3. Again, use the drag-and-drop option to move all items into the Outlook organizer

Note: This transformation procedure is just utilized in MS Outlook versions 2016-2013, or 2010. The tactic is simple and easy. Unless, if you have enormous information or organizers. At that point, it’s not sure to what extent the transformation procedure will take; how much risk is there?

Downfalls of manual conversion procedures

There are some downfalls in both of the above techniques. Not of anyone from both can give satisfactory conversion. There is no manual way to get all information on the second platform and it doesn’t convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST format. To defeat these inadequacies, we proceed onward to the following strategy. This is the most secure and progressively valuable technique to export Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook using Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter

The conversion process is almost tough tasks for non-expertise individuals. However, third party tool make it easy and consume less effort in hassle-free conversion. Here, I’m going you to introduce our best Thunderbird to Outlook converter from Bitacube. The tool has awesomely proved its algorithms and work performance while evaluation through data management experts. The tool is fully loaded with numerous attractive features which make conversion easier beyond think.

Prime Features of Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter

  • It asks you one command ‘Auto Load’ for uploading your Thunderbird’s email
  • Give you access to migrate numerous accounts from Thunderbird to Outlook
  • Keeps maintaining folder hierarchy during exportation procedure
  • User can convert Thunderbird mailbox to PST, OST, EML, MSG and so forth
  • Support all Outlook version 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and so forth

Beneficial performances with Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter

  • If you know where you spared your Thunderbird file, at that point use Add File or Search choice to peruse them
  • You can legitimately send out all messages to PST in a single click
  • Preview option to preview all contents before migrating to Outlook PST
  • If your Thunderbird file is immense, at that point you can spare each Thunderbird file in a different PST or single PST
  • It will take a couple of moments to convert Thunderbird to PST format after tapping on the Export Button

Wrapping up: Hope, you all got it lucrative for the conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook; through this segment, you also got an idea, how to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST? I’ve shared two manual tactics to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST. If, you’re getting trouble with manual methods, try Bitacube Thunderbird to Outlook converter and evaluate the performance. The tool has free demo version which facilitate to convert first 25 items per folder free of cost. Later upon your satisfaction, you can purchase software license from here.