How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 manually

Being professional, everybody wants universal services at their office door and Office 365 giving more forth from the user’s expectation. That’s the only reason which makes Office 365 worthy and auxiliary in the visionary of professional users.  Professionals and Organizations are migrating to Office 365 from their on-premises email frameworks to profit by its cost productivity and different focal points like no-maintenance charges and widespread openness.

In the ongoing past, Microsoft Office 365 has picked up notoriety because of the various advantages it offers to its clients. Subsequently both, small and big organizations wish to relocate to Office 365 from different stages, particularly those utilizing Lotus Notes. The reason being, overseeing Lotus Notes isn’t just troublesome yet, in addition, aims a few issues too.

In addition, Office 365 handles emails and executes different implementation essentially better. Although exchanging Lotus Notes (IBM Notes) data attribute put away in NSF document configurations to Office 365 expects you to have the vital specialized aptitude with the goal that the exchange procedure is implemented effectively, and that organizations don’t need to confront any circumstance of information misfortune. Here we’ll learn Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration with the help of IMAP Connector through a well-ordered procedure.

Keynote reasons for the Lotus Note to Office 365 migration

  • Lotus Notes is quite difficult for beginners to execute day to day tasks
  • It requires technical expertise
  • Frequently, Lotus Note takes maintenance charges; however, Office 365 is financial savvy too
  • IBM’s Lotus Note has a precarious expectation to acquire information
  • Lotus Note has no services in comparison to Office 365 service and features

Ways to migrate Lotus Note to Office 365

There are two ways to migrate Lotus Note to Office 365, first is the automated way with a third-party tool, while second is the manual method, little difficult and risky.

Manual way to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

One can migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 or Exchange with the assistance of IMAP Connector. Beneath referenced are the means for Lotus Notes to Office 365 movement:

Backup NSF records

Most importantly, back up your NSF records by manual procedures. In the event that your relocation fails and NSF documents get degenerate amid the relocation, you can recuperate the mailbox information from the backups.

Create new Mailboxes for every NSF client

Presently, make new mailboxes for every client who has an account in IBM Lotus Notes.

Enable IMAP TCP/IP port

  • You have to empower the IMAP TCP/IP port for every client account. Simply pursue the up and coming strides to do likewise:
  • Open Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes Application
  • Go to the Configuration tab
  • Open the Server archive which executes the IMAP administration
  • Snap Ports, then Internet Ports, then Mail tab
  • In Mail (IMAP) segment, change the ‘TCP/IP port esteem status’ to Enabled
  • Snap the Save catch to spare the progressions and close the application

Synchronize with IMAP Connector

At last, use IMAP connector to synchronize mailboxes between Lotus Notes and Office 365.

Downsides of manually migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

•    The manual migration procedure has numerous downsides

•    The firewall and intermediary server of Lotus notes may obstruct the association with the Internet

•    NSF records which are more than 1 GB in size are not migrated

•    Date-book things must be migrated physically

•    The migration procedure is calm protracted and time taking

•    Just a specialized master can play out the relocation with no problem

Know the Associated Limitations

The Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration with the utilization of IMAP Connector bears the accompanying restrictions:

• If the IBM Notes customer is behind firewall and intermediary, it won’t interface with the Internet

• If the Lotus Notes email customer is in a debilitated state, it doesn’t allow IMAP association

• If the IMAP Connector limits the exchange of schedule sections, at that point one needs to perform it physically

• The manual making of schedule sections takes additional time and hinders the exchange procedure

• The relocation with the utilization of IMAP convention moves just online information to Office 365

• The IMAP Connector can move messages of most extreme 1 GB size

• Involves applying different channels that are very perplexing and exorbitant

When you execute all the four stages, Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration ends up conceivable. Nonetheless, this system that uses IMAP Connector isn’t without its restrictions.

Hence, it is smarter to use some other mistake free and simple strategy. Nonetheless, to abstain from experiencing the previously mentioned restrictions, when you migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365, it is proposed that you utilize some other strategy or specific programming. You can execute any proficient Lotus note to Office 365 migration software like Bitacube Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.

A simple strategy for NSF to Office 365 (Exchange Online) movement

A simple strategy to migrate NSF to Office 365 is accessible. It is by utilizing Bitacube Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software. This software facilitate to migrate all the mailboxes data like messages, date-books, schedules, drafts, address books, arrangements, assignments, links so forth. Likewise, it guarantees smooth migration with no information misfortune.

Highlights of Bitacube Lotus Notes to Office 365 software :

Endless NSF record migration

One can migrate several NSF documents at the same time to migrate to Office 365 server by utilizing this software. Likewise, the numerous NSF documents migration can be computerized with the assistance of a CSV record if necessary.

Preview of NSF information before migration

The preview choice of the software gives the client a chance to see the substance of the chosen NSF record before migrating it. It assists in checking the information.

Three saving formats

Utilizing this apparatus, one can spare the NSF emails in three unique arrangements RTF, TEXT and HTML.

Modify organizer name before sparing

The software enable the clients to rename letter box organizers (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, and so on.) before sparing to Office 365.

User-accommodating GUI

The GUI of the software is designed proficiently so that even non-specialized client can migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 with no assistance required.

How to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 effectively using Bitacube software?

Lets give us a chance to see how to migrate IBM Lotus Notes mailbox items to Office 365 of every an easy way. Utilize this powerful bitacube Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool for Lotus Notes and the unpretentious fare of NSF records (the two Notes and Domino Server) to Office 365 goal. Pursue the strategy in grouping:

  • Download & start Bitacube Lotus Notes to Office 365 software and ‘Add Local NSF File(s)’
  • Find the quantity of NSF records to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365
  • Chosen NSF documents will get recorded for migration
  • Select the NSF records and snap Migrate alternative

Note: You can review the document content by choosing any NSF record with Preview alternative to see its total substance. Select the information as required and move straightforwardly from that point.

  • Give Office 365 record login qualifications. You can likewise dole out Impersonation Rights to the client mailboxes by choosing the checkbox or snap the connection to realize how to relegate these rights physically utilizing PowerShell directions. Snap OK.
  • In the Mapping window, select the second alternative of Map consequently and snap Get Target Mailboxes list catch. The apparatus will look through all letter drops of particular Office 365 record and will naturally guide such record which has the same name as the source NSF document. At that point select the NSF record and snap Mapping choice to manually choose the objective mailbox.
  • After all the NSF mailboxes are effectively mapped with an Office 365 mailbox, click OK.
  • The channel window will show up. You can set date run, email classifications, envelope mapping, and organizer channels.
  • Select the fittest sparing mode and snap OK.
  • A message will be shown after a fruitful migration and then click OK.
  • Henceforth, the Lotus Notes documents are relocated to Office 365 stage.

Hope, you’ll find Bitacube Software worthy for the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration.